After-Sales Service


At the same time of providing sophisticated products with high performance-price ratio to customers, BLZ Tech also supplies timely and professional after sales service to customers. As for all after sales service requirements, BLZ Tech will answer within 48 hours and according to the actual condition, it will satisfy all customers’ requirements at fastest speed in way of remote technical support or solving at site.


In order to ensure BLZ Tech can provide highly efficient after-sales service support to you, please send the feedback of the following information to after sales service center:

1. The fault instrument name, instrument model and factory serial number (SN code);
2. The fault description: including fault phenomenon, start time of the fault, frequency of fault occurrence, taken measures and corresponding result, etc..
Please carefully fill the above information according to the requirements in the attached “After sales application table”and send it to us by our service email.
Attachment: "After sales application table"(please click to download)

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