What Is VeinSight Vein Finder?

Vein Finder can map your veins immediately before treatment. It gives medical experts a current reading of the most easily accessible veins to minimize patients' discomfort during injections, IVs, and other bloodwork. It takes the guesswork out of finding veins by providing a highly visible and easy-to-read representation of where a patient’s veins are located.
VeinSight Vein Finder works by using vein visualization technology that shines an infrared light on the patients’ skin. The hemoglobin (oxygen-carrying protein) within the patient’s blood absorbs the light, creating a vein pattern that can be seen on the surface of the skin.

vein finder-Near-infrared-light

Near infrared light

The Fundamental of Vein Viewer

vein finder-Processor


vein finder-Projector


It's all about Precision

VeinSight/vein finder/vein ligth/vein inlluminator

Near infrared light

The Fundamental of Vein Viewer

Vein visualization uses Near-infrared (NIR) imaging for detecting veins. This proven technology enables accurate visualization.
While harmless near infrared light is projected from vein finder onto the skin, the light will be absorbed by the hemoglobin (oxygen-carrying protein) within blood so there is a reduced amount of light reflection from the veins, but the light will be totally reflected by surrounding tissue.
Then Vein Illuminator will detect the reflected near infrared light information and analysis it in processor therefore identify the veins.


It's all about Precision

After processing, Vein finder will project the vein image on the surface of skin at the exact position.The precision is crucial for vein finder since there is almost no room for deviation.
So when you use it, you should try your best to keeo te device in vertical position with the viewing area, but please notice that even if you use it in other angle, veins will show posation, but we suggest vertical position for best accuracy. The accuracy of VeinSight Vein Finder is less than 0.25mm.

VeinSight/vein finder/vein ligth/vein inlluminator/comparison
VeinSight/vein finder/vein ligth/vein inlluminator

The Proces

How does it work?

Firstly, project near infrared light
The light wll absorbed by the blood,
then the device can detect the reflected near infrared light information.
And finally the vein finder will project veins onto skin.

Other Kinds of Vein Finder

There are surely other kinds of Vein Finder, the common principle is that the Deoxyhemoglobin in veins can absorb lights that the surrounding tissue only reflect. And the differentiation is different vein finder uses different light.
For example, Accuvein uses Laser, and VEINLITE uses LED light. But most vein finder in the market uses Near infrared light, because it's more safe and has a good perfermance.

VeinSight vein finder/vein finder light/vein light/principle

About VeinSight Vein Finder

Why Choose VeinSight?

VeinSight vein finder first model VS200 was launched in 2017, and kept improving the VS series product ever since, we are one of the most professional vein finder manufacturers in the international market and your trusted bussiness partner.
If you are looking a long term vein finder suppliar, please contact us at info@veinsight.com

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How Many Models VeinSight has? and What's the Difference Between These Models?

VeinSight series now has two model for options, the VS400 and VS500.
VS400 is the classic model of VeinSight, it has been in the market since 2018 and sold in US, UK, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Japan, Korea, India and many other countries.Read more about the VS400

VS500 is our latest model, it may be one of the most advanced vein finder in the international market, because it has many unique features. Such as distance sensor, it's inportant to keep vein finder in the right distance with the patients to get the best vein image, and VS500 will detect if the distance is in the right range, and will indicate it in the projected vein image. Besides that, VS500 has vein centra line features and can save vein image and export to computers. If you are looking for the high end vein finder, which can bring the using expirience into the next level, VS500 is what you are looking for.

Read more about the VS500

What certificate Does VeinSight have?

VeinSight has all certificate you may need to sell or register in local, CE, FDA, FSC, and ISO

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Vein Finder VS400

VeinSight™ Classic Model

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Vein Finder VS500

VeinSight™ latest model

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