• VeinSight™ Vein Finder

    Greatly Improved Vascular Access

    Greater first stick success
    Fewer PICC line
    Higher patients' satisfaction

  • VeinSight™ Vein Finder

    "Change the Way We Do Venipunctures"

    The Infusion Nurses Society now highly recommends the use of vein visualization.

  • VeinSight™

    Vein Finder

    Display a map of the vasculature on the surface of the skin in real time.

  • VeinSight™ Vein Finder

    Remarkable Design From the Inside To the Outside

    Red star design award winner
    CE, RoHS, ISO13485, etc.

vein finder-Procedures

Vein Finder VS400

VeinSight™ Classic Model

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Vein Finder VS500

VeinSight™ latest model

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Accessory for vein finder

About Vein Finder

VeinSight™ vein finder can digitally displays a map of the vasculature on the surface of the skin in real time, aiding healthcare professionals to verify vein patency and avoid valves or bifurcations.Vein finder is a proven modality that can improve patient care and save valuable time for both clinicians and patients.

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VeinSight vein finder/vein illuminator/vein light



RMIF Image Algorithm

The unique RMIF(Real Multi-Exposure Image Fusion) technology made The image frame rate reaches more than 20 f/s, making the flowing of blood clearly for liquid injecting, which is important in clinical application Such as venipuncture, blood draw, cosmetic procedures, vascular procedures and many other medical procedures.


PWM Dimming Program

PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) dimming technology enables to change the image brightness for the actual needs of the health care environment, to adapt the different lighting conditions, which can bring the better visual experience to the healthcare professionals and relieve their visual fatigue.



Precise multi-DOF mechanism designed achieves that the host can reach any position and angle to free hands of medical staffs and avoid moving the patient around. This allows medical staff to focus on health care operation and gives a more comfortable posture for patients in the treatments.



The power-save hardware design makes the VeinSight™ vein finder to be outstanding among the similar products. With the remarkable power management system, the VeinSight™ vein finder can work up to 10 hours which made it impossible for orther competiter to reach.

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Vein Finder

The VeinSight™ vein finder can help locate the patient's vein easily and quickly by projecting a map of the veins on the skin which means simplify the task of locating the point of needle placement, particularly for patients with difficult venous access (DVA).
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  • Higher first-attempt success rate.
  • Better success yields lower costs.
  • Improve patient care and satisfaction.

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vein finder-Procedures


vein illuminator helps clinicians succeed in many procedures like venipuncture, blood draw, cosmetic procedures and vascular procedures.

vein finder-Patients


VeinSight™ vein finder works for all types of pateints such as The elderly patients, Dark-skinned patients,Tumor patients and Obese patients.

vein finder-Body Part

Body Parts

VeinSight™ vein finder can be used in hand, fore head, leg, foot, face and many other body parts.

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