VS400 is the classic model of VeinSight™, which is handheld and lightweight, allowing medical staff to verify vein patency and avoid valves or bifurcations. It is easily converts to hands-free with wheeled mobile stands or fixed stands.
As the most popular model, VS400 has been sold in many countries around the world, such as UK, Germany, Italy, Korea, Japen, India, UAE, Kuwait and so on.
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Vein Finder

VeinSight™ Vein Finder VS400
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  • Higher first-attempt success rate
  • Lower costs
  • Better patient care and satisfaction

Different Color Mode

VS400 has five colors for option. Medical staff can choose the color most suitable and comfortable to see when they use.


Multiple Size

VS400 has three sizes. Medical staff can choose small size on children so they can really focus on the specific area.


Powerful Feature

The VS400 possesses powerful functions and excellent performance, which can adapt to the differentiated operation needs of clinicians in different environments.
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  • Customized display selection
  • Enhanced mode for thinner or deeper veins
  • Sleeping mode, battery fast charge,long life battery

FINE mode

Fine Mode is made for some difficult-to-find vein such as the obesity or children whose vein may be hard to track.


Brightness Level

Brightness level is more important than people may think in real application. For users that's new for vein finder, it would be better they use low breightness so they can see vein image and patient's veins appear in the same time, they will feel more secure to inject this way when they are nor familiar with the device.


Question about VS400

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How Does Vein Finder Work?

Vein Finder project Harmless near-infrared light on to the skin and then absorbed by blood, but reflected by surrounding tissue. Vein Finder captures that information, processing it to project a full field digital image of the patient’s vein pattern.

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What certificate Does VeinSight VS400 have?

VeinSight has all certificate you may need to sell or register in local, CE, FDA, FSC, and ISO.

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What's the Price?

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Optional hands-free Mobile or fixed support
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Stand is very important in the daily use, without the stand, it needs another person to hold the device.

  • Mobile Support
  • Fixed Support


Excellent Charging Plan

The base direct-plug fast charging plan makes the vein finder charge faster, safer and more reliable
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Technical Parameters

  • Vein Detecting Light Source: Near-infrared light
  • Radiation: NO<
  • Continuous Run Time: 5 hours
  • Weight: 480g
  • Dimension (L*W*H): 240mmx60mmx60mm
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Vein Finder VS400

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